We combine smart technology with creativity to craft innovative campaign.

Not only technical but also creativity is important in our team..


VETA-Entertainment is a digital, music and entertainment agency. This company was created to work with people, brands, influencers and musicians in the entertainment industry and bring them together trough great content. With the great support of our team, we provide various world wide campaigns, commercials and more. With more than 6 years of experience in the industry and marketing, we are growing with better developments.


Design & Illustrations

Visuality is a power of creativity. Bring  your brand come to life.


Campaigns & Commercials

Get more out of your business through different ways of network and creativity.


Social media and online content

Grow your social network. Target your audience and feel a better connection. 

Cool & Fun


Get to know our influence community and meet our biggest netwrok all around the world. 



label or not, music artist is a music artist. Get more support in the music industry.

What We Do

Discover our featured projects of the year.

VETA-Entertainment works with a wide network in the digital industry. We offer a large number of different services and so we can also serve our customers well. With VETA Entertainment, every target group is possible. We are very pleased with our campaigns and collaborations of the past year.

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